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100 things that made my year

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Waiting for the miracle

Open thread: Cheerful retrospection

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The art of imperfection

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Open thread: What are you thankful for?

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Here was a magic

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Whatever happened

Off to see the wizard

Not knowing what’s impossible

Warp & Weft

Going wherever it leads

The creative tensions

Labor and wait

Possible verdicts

The day had just taken a seat

Amusing Ourselves To Death

Fossil records and paper trails

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Resistance is necessary

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Spring diary walkthrough

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A heavy canceling by asteroid

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Transcribe yourself!

26 books I picked up (and put down) this spring

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One page diary

Embrace bewilderment

The simplest cut

Let me eat and not be eaten

We find what we look for

A ticket to the freak show

A dozen books worth reading

The map is not the territory

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Homework every night for the rest of your life

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How to read like an artist

Would I do it tomorrow?

Open thread: Ask us anything

Stolen plants always grow

How I make color brush pens


Winter diary walkthrough

One! Hundred! Thousand!

Fridge poems

Winning time

Old ways to do new things

What are you watching?

10 good books I read this winter

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What are you reading?

Why Am I Talking?

The book that changed my life

Say yes and never do it

Adventures on two wheels

Only the questions

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Intentionally spiraling out

Analog Ctrl-Z

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Every day is Groundhog Day

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