Spring diary walkthrough

A page-by-page video tour of my notebook from April 7, 2022 to July 18, 2022


Hey y’all,

I just finished up my spring (and some of summer) diary, so I thought I’d film another page-by-page tour. It’s about 15 minutes long. It’ll look best if you make it full screen. Feel free to scrub and pause the video and mute my dumb commentary and play some Fela Kuti over it or something. (It is my diary, of course, so I had to censor some pages using sticky notes and paper clips.)

If you’re a regular reader, some of these pages might look familiar — a lot these Tuesday missives are inspired directly by something I see flipping back through my diary.

Here are a few related links of interest from the archives:

And here’s a shopping list of all the gear I use.

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