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Winter diary walkthrough

A page-by-page video tour of my notebook from Jan 9, 2022 to April 6, 2022

Hey y’all,

First off, thanks to everyone for the kind words about hitting 100,000 free Friday subscribers. In celebration, I’m continuing to offer 20% off paid subscriptions:

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As for today’s video: I just finished up my winter diary, so I thought I’d film another page-by-page tour. This video is a little longer and of a higher quality than the previous walkthrough. (I used a much better camera this time around.) It’ll look best if you make it fullscreen. Feel free to skip around and scrub and pause to see any pages in more detail.

It is my diary, of course, so I had to censor some pages using sticky notes and paper clips:

Here’s a short video of how I break in a new diary:

Here’s a video I made with my son Owen of my silly weigh-out ritual:

You might not see a lot of “I did this, I did that” pages in the diary, because I save that for my logbook, which is basically just an appointment book filled out after the fact. Here’s a look at the 3 notebooks I keep right now — the 3rd is my commonplace diary:

A few other links and resources:

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