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I got an email from Zen Habits a few weeks ago that fits with #1. It was about being deliberate with your best intentions when coming into a new place/season/situation. Sadly, it seems to be missing from the website...but here is a snippet copied from the email:

"We can uphold our best intentions, but we have to be very deliberate about it. When you get to the new space (or new year, new week, new life), pause and remember your intentions. How will you structure your day? How will you remember? What environment do you need to create to make it more likely to happen?

Take each step deliberately. Notice where you're getting pulled and ask yourself what you really want. Savor every act. Be the gardener of your best intentions."

I love the idea of being the gardener of my best intentions, and it's something I want to put into practice. Small acts that add up over time, just like gardening. :)

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"103 bits of advice" was 💣

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Those panniers look fantastic! Has anyone given you a recommendation for a good lock? I’m overwhelmed by the options and can’t figure out what would work best. I have a new bike and ride like you: mostly city errands, especially to libraries, but right now all I’ve done is ride with someone who can watch my bike while I duck inside since I haven’t figured out a good locking system yet.

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On #7. In as much as I LOVE Moonstruck, the director’s commentary is a bottle of audible sleeping pills. Don’t plan to leave the house or operate heavy equipment if you fire it up.

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