The principles of patience

10 things worth sharing: cultivating patience, the spirit of punk, a drawing podcast, philosophical experiments, the best kids show on TV, and more...

Hey y’all,

Thanks again to everybody who’s become a paid subscriber — your support means a ton! Here are 10 things I thought were worth sharing this week:

  1. The principles of patience.

  2. I’m enjoying the philosophical exercises in Astonish Yourself! 101 Experiments in the Philosophy of Everyday Life. (Thanks to Rob Walker and Mark Frauenfelder!)

  3. Podcast: here are some drawings I made while listening to the first two episodes of the new Draw Together podcast. (Host/pal/Scorpio WendyMac is featured along with printmaking legend Amos Kennedy, Jr. in this video.)

  4. After stepping away from regular blogging for a while, Clive Thompson has been on fire! (Some highlights: “Rewilding your attention,” his doodle machine, and “The Metaverse is already here — It’s Mindcraft.”)

  5. Ear candy: I’m loving the albums of singer Laura Mvula, especially the 80s throwback of her latest, Pink Noise. (Keytar!)

  6. More ear candy: If you need something chill to work to, I recommend h hunt’s Playing Piano For Dad. (And if you dig that, check out this playlist of tracks from the label Tasty Morsels.)

  7. Netflix: a few newsletters back I raved about The Sparks Brothers documentary — it’s now streaming!

  8. Parents: my whole family is obsessed with Bluey. Here’s how it became the best kids show of our time. (We blast the soundtrack on the way to and from school.)

  9. A surprise treat on Halloween night: I found a fabulous painting abandoned on the curb. (Maybe y’all can help me find out more about the artist?)

  10. Punk is not a style, punk is a spirit.

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